The Association

344.jpegThe Street Association of
Citizens and Economic Operators in Via S. Martino ai Monti and adjacent Streets in Rome

Our Street Association, constituted spontaneously in 2013, is non-profit and based on volunteer membership contribution.
Its sole purpose is to protect and enhance the monumental, cultural and economic heritage of the area relating to Via S. Martino ai Monti and the adjacent streets, as well as that of Rome’s historic centre, with a view to raising social and cultural liveability levels through cultural activities and social innovation research within the local, national and international sphere.

Our Street Association identifies itself with the values enshrined in the Italian Constitution, free from the influence of political parties, accepts values gender and cultural differences and supports peace and cooperation between all peoples, with the following aims and goals:

– To create an organization and tools to protect the cultural, economic and environmental interests of those who live or work in or visit the aforesaid areas;

– To protect and enhance the cultural and environmental resources of the aforesaid areas by interacting and collaborating at the municipal, national, european and international Institutions and civil society organizations;

– To welcome and to support at Italian and European public administrations and other bodies, the requests and requirements of citizens to improve the quality of life and cultural values;

– To foster multicultural and multi sectoral project exchanges of the Association with its different social components (citizens, economic operators, associations) in order to encourage their involvement in the area’s problems, especially that of city liveability and common ownership solutions.

– To organize cultural events that will enhance the cultural and artistic heritage of the aforesaid areas, including tourist itineraries, sporting activities, smart city solutions, exhibitions and so forth.

– To encourage the acceptance and integration of new multiethnic components existing in the aforesaid areas and to relaunch a model supporting interested economic operators in the neighbourhood.

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